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When to Call the Glass Company For Help

Knowing when to call for Atlanta Glass and Mirror may seem like a bit of a challenge initially. After all, you may feel like it's a waste of money and time to make repairs in cases when it just isn't necessary. However, even when it seems like the damage is minor, it might be more serious than it looks on the surface. Keep reading to learn how to recognize the signs of serious glass or mirror damage, and how your atlanta mirrors and glass repair provider can resolve the issue.

The Big Cracks: What to Do

If you see a big crack in either glass or mirrors atlanta, it should be an automatic call to one of the local atlanta frameless shower enclosure. Big cracks are more than just a visual issue. They can cause major physical issues with the area where they are placed as well. For example, a window with a large vertical or horizontal crack is a danger to the structural integrity of the entire window. The window plays a large part in the support of the wall into which it is built. When the glass in that window is cracked, it can no longer serve its support function, and it may eventually play a role in the collapse of the window frame. The same holds true for any glass or mirror that is an integral part of a wall or piece of furniture. Leaving it cracked is a big risk, so you should get a replacement before the problems start.

The Small Pits: What to Do

Small pits in glass or mirrors are less problematic, both from a structural standpoint and from an aesthetic one. A small pit can be nearly indiscernible from the rest of the glass or mirror, especially if you get professional glass repair. When you get professional glass repair, the area where the mirror or glass is missing, usually only a very small area, will be injected with a special glass repair resin. This resin is clear and will blend in visually with the area where it is placed. The resin is then buffed until it is level with the glass or mirror where it was injected so that the surface is completely smooth again. Since pits rarely go very deep into the glass or mirror, they are easy to repair and won't typically compromise the structure where they are housed. In general, small pits are repairable, while large cracks call for replacement. However, every situation is unique, so it's best to get the opinion of a glass repair expert.


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